• Grethe Mangala Jensen

Storytelling in the sky!

What do you say when you are asked to tell stories on The London Eye?

"Yes of course!"

But then you might start thinking how you are going to do it with that spectacular view all around you ?

Well, I was absolutely delighted to be asked, what a cool gig!

I put my thinking hat on,made myself some coffee and started writing !

The brief was to incorporate the scenery and allow for photo breaks, so my first step was to think of stories to adapt.

We would be up high in the sky, and I thought a story about the weather seemed a good idea - also a suggestion from my mentor and storyteller Vanessa Woolf (

I decided on The North Wind and the Sun for the 4-7 year old's and Town Mouse and Country Mouse for children aged 0-3

Both fables by Mr Aesop, which naturally have a little lesson in them, like fables do.

I love telling stories in unusual places and spaces, and performing on the London Eye has been a fun experience and very popular - happy to say that all the sessions were sold out!

More sessions coming up in September and October at a very reasonable price, so look forward to seeing you there :)