• Grethe Mangala Jensen

Once Upon a Time - A long time ago, when things were different!

Spooky stories in Cassiobury Park - Watford

Before each session , I normally ask:

"How do we start a story?"

Nine times out of ten the answer is: "Once upon a time!", other times it's - "A long time ago " and occasionally: "Let's begin!"

Well, regardless we usually start at the beginning and go right to the end and stop!

I fell blessed and honoured to have been able to share many well known and not so well known tales with children and adults in 2018.

I have told stories and performed one woman story shows at The Horniman Museum (Like a second home to me by now) The London Eye,The Cutty Sark, The Postal Museum, The Jewish Museum and at a number of parks, festivals, libraries, nurseries and schools.

I do still work as an actress from time to time and I thought I should include a 2018 highlight!

I was invited to present a speech at The House of Commons, playing the character of Sophia Duleep Singh, an Indian princess and (most importantly) suffragette!

An amazing and nerve-racking experience!

I was so chuffed that Anita Anand signed my copy of her book - Sophia- What an evening!

(A Time Will Tell Theatre production hosted by The Essex Cultural Diversity Project)

Sophia Duleep Singh's speech at Parliament

Stories are universal, and many famous fairy tales have, I believe, great lessons but they are of a time....

In my adaptations I aim to honour the original storyline, however avoiding the stereotypical idea of fairytale archetypes, I leave that as much as possible to the listeners imagination.

I have toyed with swapping the gender of certain characters, however I find in some stories it simply doesn't work.

One example is H.C. Andersen's , The Tindebox - In my opinion it works best keeping the soldier male :)

Hansel and Gretel, ineteractive storyshow at The Horniman Museum and Gardens.

As we are moving into a new year and Christmas is only around the corner, I am already planning 2019.

For Easter a new story show is on the drawing board :

The Hen that Laid the Golden Eggs - loosely adapted from one of Aesop's Fables and an adaptation of Rapunzel is also taking form.

I am also very happy to announce that this year I was asked by acclaimed children's book author Chitra Soundar , if I would be interested in collaborating with her on her story,

The Clever Camel?

Well, of course - an absolute honour to be asked!

We have developed a 30 minute story show, with puppetry, music and lots of Bollywood dancing, aimed at ages 2+ and their families.

Happy to say we have confirmed dates for 2019 ! - And on that note, have a wonderful Christmas and a fulfilling New Year !